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Like a Polaroid Picture

Loliver: Friends meant to be more

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Loliver: the relationship and frindship between Hannah Montana's Oliver Oken and Lillian Truscott
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To protect the work of creators, you must join to post and view entries.

This is a Loliver Graphic Community. This isn't a discussion. You may crosspost but you must have Loliver in the teasers (if any).

Graphics of all kinds are accepted as long as they do not pose a threat to the Loliver theme (aka no Moliver, Lake, Lackson...). Friendship graphics are welcomed.

Please comment and give credit if taking. If the creator asks for more, please respect their wishes.

When posting an entry, all requests and graphics (bigger than 100x100 and more than three) must be placed behind an LJ cut.

Have fun and I hope to see you around!